A 2,197-mile hike

for hope, unity,

& action.

A 2,197-mile hike for hope, unity, & action.

about campaign

Art “Monk” Dwight will hike the 2,197-mile Appalachian Trail starting April 7, 2024, to combat climate change by raising funds to plant 101 million trees by the end of the hike. Art has partnered with the non-profit, One Tree Planted, one of the most established and effective tree-planting organizations in the world. 


The Larger Goal

Give Hope

Shine a bright light on all the positive actions being taken around the world to combat climate change.

Create Unity

Sharing information and establishing a shared purpose among everyone, regardless of where they live or believe.

Empower People

Action can be taken immediately to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to help accelerate our transition to a clean energy world.

Get involved

While it’s true that we will not solve this crisis without massive policy change on a global scale as well as technological breakthroughs, we cannot rely exclusively on government or technology to save us—we are going to have to save ourselves. And there is so much we can do to reduce our personal contributions to this crisis. By collectively taking massive action together, we can conceivably reduce carbon emission by as much as 30 percent without any change in policy. So, let’s start now right now by going to this action idea list and doing everything you possibly can.